About GreenPlug

Sustainability Matters! 

GreenPlug.nu was founded in 2012 by Tracy Crawford, Soee Lee, and Michael D'Orazio to support one of our personal shared sustainability visions:


"We envision a safe and sustainable energy efficient future."


In support of this vision, the Mission of GreenPlug is:


"to create, sustain and extend a trusted and independent online platform providing high quality, accurate information enabling motivated individuals and organizations to make wise choices about energy and sustainability issues."


We believe sustainability issues are critical to all our futures. Our Vision, Mission and Values are located here: Vision Page

To learn more about GreenPlug, please visit this link: Why Join In

GreenPlug is a COMMUNITY. To be successful we need your help. Please join then:

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  • Consider writing for us, and

  • Offering your other professional skills.


Thanks in advance for your help and contributions!

If you care about sustainability issues, then please join GreenPlug.nu or drop us a note at the emails below (or use the form following this mail) to let us know how you can help.



Michael D’Orazio madorazio@greenplug.nu

Tracy Crawford tracy@greenplug.nu

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