ANIMAL Offers PR Services to News Corp Irresponsible Media

Well that’s one way to do it!

According to some, by almost any standard, New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s New Corporation (who also owns Faux News) did a pretty bad job reporting on the Boston Marathon tragedy.




Wait! Did You Just Say, “Irresponsible Media?”

According to experts:


“In the US our media, in general, is pretty irresponsible.” – Experts


(or, so I’ve heard some people say).


Ghosts of Reagan Lurking?

Media in the US either operates with ideological agendas aimed at supporting the interests of the very wealthy and breaking the back of our democracy (in the name, of course, of free markets and the markets always know best) or are for-profits shamelessly chasing sensational stories – all the while ignoring the critically important sustainability issues of our day.

Well, this particular story is not about sustainability per se but IS an example of how one organization cleverly took matters in their own hands to create some accountability (and some sustainability-oriented PR help) for an organization who many believe doesn’t much care for accountability (really, you mean, Rupert Murdoch?).

Readers of New York Post recently found this letter in their tabloid:


New York Post letter apology


Wait!!! Did I just read that correctly? A collaborator of Rupert Murdoch apologizing?

Oh…I see! Well, perhaps not. Here is how the snarky field-agents over at Animal offered their free PR services to News Corp:



Big prop-ups to the friends over at ANIMAL. Here is their site.


Check ’em out:


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