Chasing Ice: A Close-Up Documentary of Glacial Retreat

Personally I’ve always been fascinated with glaciers. I spent a fair amount of time ice climbing when I lived out in California – mostly on Mount Shasta. To be in the immense glacier environment gives one perspective. To go to sleep knowing you will wake up a meter or so further down the mountain makes one’s impacts feel insignificant. But when we add up the impacts of 7 billion of us, they do have an effect.


What They Did

The Chasing Ice team wanted to chronicle, up-close and personal, glacial retreat over time. To accomplish their goal, they braved remarkable conditions to place cameras in the glacial environment set to capture an image every hour of daylight over three years. The result? In a word, “Stunning!”


Award Winning (That’s an Understatement)

Chasing Ice is a documentary by the award-winning director of The Cove.


Chasing Ice Awards


Visually Stunning (That’s Another Understatement)

If you have an appreciation for the beauty of nature, you really have to see the gorgeous, awe-inspiring film-making in this piece.




The Team



Watch the Trailer

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