Contribute to Survivors of Hotshot-team Yarnell, Arizona Firefighters

Yesterday, 19 heroic firefighters were killed after being overrun by an out of control wildfire near Yarnell Arizona.

You can make a contribution to the families and survivors of the Arizona fire using the links below.



From the 100 Club of Arizona website:


“The 100 Club of Arizona provides immediate financial support to families of public safety officers and firefighters who are killed or seriously injured in the line-of-duty. The 100 Club of Arizona also provides assistance that helps enhance officers’ safety and welfare.”


You can learn more about The 100 Club of Arizona by visiting their home page at: The 100 Club of Arizona.


To make a donation, scroll down on the 100 Club Homepage until you see the link pointed in red below:



The link noted above will create a new PayPal session for you.


The 100 Club of Arizona FAQ page is here: 100 Club of Arizona FAQ.