Debunking the 3 Myths of Keystone XL: Van Jones

In this video, Van Jones debunks the three main myths of Keystone XL.

He also comes out in STRONG opposition to the pipeline.





Keystone XL Myth 1: It’s Just Oil

It’s not just oil. It’s TAR. There’s a difference. To pump this material you first have to add chemicals, lots of chemicals, to reduce the viscosity. This turns the tar into, according to Van Jones,


“pipe-eating, planet-cooking, water-fouling goo that

nobody knows what to do with.”


Not too subtle, unh?

But wait there is more. These tar sands are dirty. Very dirty. Burning it will produce as much pollution as seven coal-fired power plants. Or about the same amount of pollution as 6.2 million cars running continuously for 50 years.

All clear now?


Keystone XL Myth 2: Energy Independence

This one is easy. Uhmmm…NO. It’s mostly planned for export to China. Nuff said.


Keystone XL Myth 3: Jobs, Jobs,

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Jobs, and More Jobs!

Keystone XL will create jobs. 3900…Temporary jobs. That last about 6 months. Oh…and 35 permanent jobs.


Watch Van Jones Debunk Keystone XL Below: