Don’t Frack Me Bro: Fracking New York

Are you concerned about fracking New York? Are you worried that fracking New York will have side effects that are not as rosy as Oil-n-Gas says? Or do you think fracking New York will create a idyllic, utopian environment for residents?

Think all that money’s gonna trickle on down? We tried that once didn’t we? Well, okay, but let’s just try it again – proly it’ll work this time.


Slick Water High Volume Horizontal Hydro-Fracking

Rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more!

Signatures without informed consent, rig fires, pipeline explosions, earthquakes, surface spills and fish kills.

Volatile organic compounds, helicopters overhead, sick animals, big rigs full of poison water rolling through downtown 24/7.

Noise, glaring light, transient workers, strippers, destroyed roads, crime, first responders.

Destroyed farms, wildlife habitat and property values; flames hundreds of feet in the air melting tires on vehicles.

Containment pits, bad drinking water everywhere, 300 billion gallons of water use (just in New York).

Gag orders, flow-back water (it’s not really water anymore), radiation, salts, solvents, biocides, heavy metals, carcinogens, VOC’s, endocrine disruptors.


No Fracking New York Water Shot

“Hydraulic fracturing has not contaminated drinking water since inception.” – Authoritative Industry Spokesman


Check out utopia here:



Ahhh…What the heck…as they say in New York:

“Frack you, you fracking frack” – a New Yorker