Elio Motors: 84 MPG Three-Wheeled Wonder

Elio Motors is apparently on schedule to release their three-wheeled, two passenger vehicle in July 2014. Pre-orders are now available.





Elio Motors: 84 MPG


That’s what they say folks.

Elio Motors claims 84 MPG and a range of 672 miles from the 8-gallon tank. The 70hp inline three-cylinder, 1.0 liter automotive engine is said to produce a top speed of over 100mph, while 0-60 mph is said to be around 10 seconds.

Now, that performance is not going to result in a lot of severely strained neck muscles, but it is better than a lot of “regular” cars on the road and for sale in the US today.


Time for a Two-Seater?

But wouldn’t a two-seater be too inconvenient for most people?

Hmmm…well, not really.

According to Elio, consider:

  • Around 70 million people drive by themselves less than 40 miles per day
  • Around 70% of driving trips are one or two people and less than 60 miles per day
  • Around 65% of US miles driven are single-occupant


(Okay, that’s some stuff to consider – thanks for that.)


Does Elio Sacrifice Amenities? Nope.

Elio is available with power door locks, power windows, air conditioning and a 5-speed automatic or manual transmission with reverse.

(Did he just say, “With reverse?”)

Not exactly The Four Seasons, I’ll be the first to admit – but come on, this is a motorcycle for sissies, for heaven’s sake!


What about Safety?

Elio features a Safety Management System including anti-lock all-wheel brakes, composite construction, reinforced roll-cage, three airbags and crush zones that significantly outperform other vehicles in-class.

Now, do you wonder if all this stuff will really work – after all, it’s coming from a start-up. Well the reality is that generally these sorts of sophisticated systems are provided by the industry Tier 1 leaders who invented the stuff in the first place. So…it probably usually works (sort of).

Preliminary computer modeling leads Elio to predict a 5-Star safety rating.


Elio Motors Pricing

Pricing is set at $US6800 and pre-orders are available.

I’m a bit sad to say I’ve spent more than that for dinner (but there really were quite a lot of folks there that night…hmm, at least that’s what I told my boss).

So, let’s just say, “It’s not a bad price, you know…all things considered (as we say).”


Having trouble sleeping tonight? Check out the company video (Yeah, that’s a yoga shop in the background):


And the CNBC Interview with the Elio Motors CEO:


If that last one didn’t bore you to tears, check out the gallery:

Shots of Elio



I promise I really didn’t make all this stuff up…

Company website is here: http://www.eliomotors.com/