Energy Cost Recovery For Your Organization

“A utility does not automatically give an industrial or commercial customer the best rate when more than one rate is available.  It is up to the customer to select the most advantageous rate.” — The Wall Street Journal.

We’ve helped hundreds of Michigan manufacturers, non-profit organizations and municipalities receive refunds and reduce operating costs with utility bill audits.  Ecore has helped clients all over the state of Michigan reclaim millions of dollars.  Energy Cost Recovery is smart for any business.


Examining Existing and Past Invoices for Savings

It is essentially the business of examining existing and past invoices that companies have been billed, determining whether or not those invoices were appropriate for the services provided, and if the billing (invoice amounts) were incorrect, recovering the over payments.

In other words, getting back money that businesses have paid for services they needed, but were over billed.  It is a fact that most businesses over pay for their basic services at some point.  This is especially true when the companies have a long-term, regularly billed expense.


Get an Independent Audit

All businesses should take advantage of an independent, competent third party audit especially if it involves no risk.

“Utility bills seem to be getting worse.  They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars every year.” —Ralph Nader.

“70 percent of all utility bills to businesses contain errors. Many of those errors end up costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in overpaid bills.” —The Northeast Herald.

We recover your money for the past 48 months, but we fix the errors that will lower your bill going forward—All for no upfront cost! It only takes one copy of recent bill for us to look if there is money on the table. We will let you know within a 5-7 days. There is no fee to take a look. Richard Asztalos Managing Director Cell 248.763.0142 Email Web