Energy from Thin Air?

University of Arts Bremen student, Dennis Siegel, claims to have developed devices for harvesting energy from stray electromagnetic waves. 






Electromagnetic Wave Awareness

Siegel’s work appears to be an effort to draw attention to the presence of electromagnetic waves present in the environment. According to Siegel:

“Depending on the strength of the electromagnetic field it is possible to charge a small battery within one day. The system is meant to be an option for granting access to already existing but unheeded energy sources. By exploring these sources it can create a new awareness of the invisible electromagnetic spaces while giving them a spatial dimension.”

Siegel has developed  two types of harvesters for different electromagnetic fields: a smaller harvester that is suitable for lower frequencies below 100Hz which you can find in the general mains (50/60Hz, 16,7Hz) and a bigger one that is suitable for lower and higher frequencies like radio broadcast (~100MHz), GSM (900/1800MHz) up to Bluetooth and WLAN (2,4GHz).



Siegel was awarded second place by University of the Arts Bremen in the category of Digitale Medien for his work.

Reference: University of the Arts Bremen

Tracy Crawford

CEO | Rain8 Group