GMO’s: Promise or Pollution?

Do genetically modified organisms represent the promise of abundant healthy food or represent a form of genetic pollution?





What is Genetic Pollution?

Many chemicals that are introduced into our environment breakdown into harmless substances over time. At least we know that chemicals do no replicate themselves. DNA, on the other hand, is self replicating under many circumstances. Genetically modified organisms are, what many call, a form of genetic pollution. Just like invasive species, once introduced into our environment, GMO genetic pollution can be nearly impossible to eradicate.

A farm-field of genetically modified canola can produce billions of seeds that blow on the wind or are carried by runoff to places that owners may not want them. A farm whose business model is based on all-natural organic methods can be literally destroyed in a season or two by the introduction of GMO’s as the farm now is no longer all-natural organic. If this is not horrible enough, Monsanto, one of the leading producers of GMO seeds, even has a track record of SUING small farmers whose fields MONSANTO has polluted! Not only have they destroyed the farmers business, his brand, and his reputation – but they have gall, on top of all this – to not only refuse compensation – but, on the contrary, to seek DAMAGES from the farmer whose business their products destroyed!

Are the concerns of activists well founded? Are activists just resistant to progress? The feature length documentary below explores these issues.


Life Running Out of Control: Promise or Genetic Pollution?


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