Go Green Energy Consulting

Go Green Energy Consulting is a home energy evaluation and energy upgrade company based in Michigan. Our mission is to reduce home energy bills and make homeowners more comfortable in their homes. We do this by pinpointing energy loss with special equipment, implementing desired upgrades, and helping homeowners take advantage of all available energy efficiency rebates, tax credits, and other incentives.

About Go Green

The company was founded in 2009 by Adam Duke and Jacob Smith on the simple principle that nearly everyone can drastically reduce their energy use through basic energy efficiency upgrades. We pride ourselves in being home energy efficiency specialists and have three BPI-certifications on staff.

Here at Go Green Energy Consulting we work hard everyday to:

  1. Lower Home Energy Bills by implementing efficient energy techniques.
  2. Improve Home Comfort by eliminating drafts and stopping heat transfer into or out of homes.
  3. Help the Environment by reducing consumer reliance on polluting fossil fuels.
  4. Stimulate Michigan’s Economy by hiring Michigan workers, using Michigan-made products, and contracting work to other Michigan based companies.

Step 1: Target Energy Loss (with a Home Performance Evaluation)

Don’t operate on your home before first getting a check-up! The first step to improving the comfort and efficiency of your home is to identify the source of the problem(s). A Home Performance Evaluation, will give you a very good understanding of how energy is used in the home and what factors contribute to high bills and uncomfortable rooms.

At Go Green we use a thorough 4 step process to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy usage.


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Get Started by calling (248) 233-7933

Phone: (248) 233-7933
Questions/Comments: info@gogreenec.com
Adam Duke: adam@gogreenec.com
Jacob Smith: jacob@gogreenec.com

Site: http://www.gogreenec.com

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Go Green Energy Consulting
400 Galleria Officentre, Suite 555
Southfield, MI 48034

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