nCycle: Revolutionizing the Future of eBikes

nCycle is an eBike folding electric bicycle concept designed by the talented designer and architect, Marin Myftiu. This nCycle eBike is loaded with tons of innovative features!




Monocoque Frame

Gone are the myriad welded tubes of conventional bikes, replaced by nCycle with a single-piece frame design integrating spaces for storage, batteries, lights, speakers and more.


Two Batteries

nCycle features two batteries, one for propulsion and the other for powering the accessories such as lights and speakers and for charging portable devices like smartphones.


Two Handlebars and an Integrated Lock

The handlebar on this bike is actually two handlebars. The handlebars can rotate allowing the rider to create multiple riding positions for increased comfort and reduction of arm fatigue. But this handlebar is not just a handlebar – it also acts as an integrated lock, eliminating the need to carry heavy U-locks or chain-locks.

Also integrated onto the nCycle handlebar are two LED lights with built-in speakers facing back toward the rider. Speakers may be connected to portable devices and are self-powered. Not only can the portable device be charged with the secondary battery located in the upper frame, but the speakers will not drain power form the device.

On the rear of the bike, under the seat, is an integrated tail-light. In the top of the frame is an expandable compartment for carrying items like books or a laptop.


Check out the photos below!

nCycle eBike


Marin Myftiu’s website is here: