New VISION House® Tucson

Green demonstration home set to open in Tucson in Summer 2013 as a joint project with John Wesley Miller Companies.

SEATTLE, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Green Builder Media, North America’s leading media company focused on sustainable living, recently announced its collaboration with renowned green building expert,John Wesley Miller, on the VISION House® Tucson.


Focus on Green Design

The VISION House Tucson will focus on green design, advanced technologies, and the utilization of innovative, site-specific solutions to enhance the home’s overall sustainability.

“The opportunity to work with Green Builder Media to build the VISION House Tucson is a terrific opportunity. The project is representative of the steps we need to take to achieve a sustainable future. This collaboration forges a path for our entire building industry to better serve the home-buying public by building sustainable housing,” says John Wesley Miller.


A Guide of Home Builders

VISION House Tucson will be built in Armory Park del Sol and will also be the first home built in Pima County that will use the Net-Zero Energy Building Standard code. The goal of this City/County standard is to provide home builders with a guide that provides all the necessary information to build a net-zero home. The current estimations show VISION House Tucson will have a -17 HERS rating.

On average, homeowners at Armory Park del Sol pay only $300 per year to heat and cool their homes. Additionally, Armory Park homes use less than half the water of a standard Tucson home.

 Yeah, you read that right…$300 per year…[$25 per month]…in Tucson!


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