One Issue that IS Bigger than the US Budget Deficit

I recently posted an article explaining why the US budget deficit is not the biggest issue facing the country.

In this article I laid out some basic facts pulled mainly from US government sources that showed that the budget deficit, while being indeed large, was not nearly as large as it had been in the past but also that some relatively simple policy measures could easily over time bring it back into the range of many economists believe are healthier numbers. Why the US Budget Deficit is NOT the Biggest Issue is here.



3119582424_952716_f520_xlargeWealth Inequality

Wealth inequality IS an issue that is more important than the US budget deficit. Wealth inequality has become so skewed that it, to some degree, has eviscerated our democracy and corrupted our democratic system of decision- and policy-making. The US has a large majority of people who are now spending a large portion of their time trying to “just survive” such that they have little time to impact our nation’s direction. After all, how much political power is wielded by those who struggle everyday to get along?


“He who controls the conversation, controls the outcome.”


On the other hand, the concentrated wealth in the US has been used handily and quite easily to buyout certain media to the extent that they can no longer be considered to be concerned with the lofty ideals of true journalism. The remaining media, those not directly purchased and

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controlled by ideologues, are not fulfilling one of their responsibilities to control the conversation. Their activities are controlled by short-term ROI that is in turn directly related to ratings that in turn are related to popular, controversial, or sensational headlines. Subjects covered in mainstream media are not being created by them but by others with a vested interest in controlling the conversation.

In short, the concentrated wealth in the US is controlling the conversation. And this conversation has little to do with the

important sustainability issues of the day.



Is this all okay with us?