Restore Electric Competition for Michigan

Governor Snyder, For the good of our state, I am urging you to support increased electric competition for Michigan in your upcoming address on Energy and the Environment.

As a sponsor of Electric Competition for Michigan, I am very much concerned about our state’s policy of capping electric choice at 10 percent.   Choice is good for Michigan, our businesses and our residents, and if we are going to restore choice to Michigan, we need you to lead the charge.   Our natural gas is deregulated and each state has the ability to deregulate their energy.


Competition Needed

Gov. Jenifer Granholm placed a cap on electricity and has kept Michigan business and residents from competition and lower rates.   Michigan business must compete statewide, nationwide and globally, and it is unfair that states around us have competitive advantages due to reduced cost for electricity.  In the current system, government is picking winners and losers and the 90% of businesses who are locked out of competitive electric supply are big losers!  When our businesses lose, our entire state economy loses too. We allow competition in the natural gas market and the system is working there it will work for electricity too.  Electricity choice will be good for Michigan.



Having a choice is the very heart of the American free enterprise system.  It enables ALL of us to be competitive, and that’s what will create new jobs in Michigan and KEEP JOBS in Michigan. That’s economic gardening.  Tell Gov. Snyder, the Michigan business community needs your leadership. Please stand up for electric competition.  It only takes a minute.  If you prefer, you can also call the Governor’s office using the following numbers: — Office of Strategic Policy: (517) 241-5493 — Constituent Services: (517) 335-7858 There are two house bills to be discussed soon, let your State Rep know we need to save jobs and bring our economy back with deregulation.


About the Author

Richard Asztalos Managing Director NRG Associates Energy Cost Recovery