REVOLIGHTS Revolutionizes Bicycle Lighting

RevoLights has introduced a new lighting system for bicycles that provides 360 degrees of illumination. Yawn…But it mounts to the WHEELS. Got your attention, now? Wait until you see how it works!





Synchronized LED’s

RevoLights system consists of a ring of evenly spaced LED’s that mount to the front and rear wheels (otherwise known as the only wheels or all of the wheels) of the bicycle. A magnetic sensor detects wheel speed and synchronizes the LED’s to turn on when they are in the full forward (or in the case of the rear wheel – the full rearward) portion of the rotational cycle of the wheels.

When the wheels are rotating, the synchronization makes the lighting appear to hover near the full front or full rear portion of the wheels.




It’s a cool effect, illuminates the road reasonably well and additionally allows motorists to see the bicycle from all angles.

Check out the two video’s below:


This one from TheDailyConversation: