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Consumers need help to make the best decisions about Green Lifestyle choices. And they need products and services to implement these choices.

That’s where you come in. Do you provide green energy, energy conservation or sustainability related products or services? Do you provide other Green Lifestyle products or services?

Here is how we can help you.


Basic and Premium Listings

Basic Listings are free! A Basic Listing includes a thumbnail image, 40-character company name and a 200-character description along with City and State (important for regional suppliers).

A Premium Listing demonstrate your higher level of commitment to the community and allow you to share more valuable information with users. In addition to the information in a Basic Listing, Premium Listings show your company URL along with an email hyperlink in the preview so that users can easily visit your site or contact you even before expanding your listing.

Premium Listings also STAND OUT, featuring a bright “Premium Listing” button and a brightly colored mouse-over effect. After expansion your listing will display up to 1,600 characters of information and two additional large images.


Support the Community and Use Our Sidebar

We have reserved a 220 pixel space on the right side of the site to display critically valuable information to the community users.

Create your graphic banner and place it in our sidebar to help the community become aware of your offer. If you need help with your placement design, we’ll help for free!

GreenPlug community members NEED your information! Place your graphic with link to your site in our sidebar so users can find you!


Sponsoring us allows us to sponsor YOU!

The most valued members of any community are those who provide the critical support necessary. Simply put, they are the COMMUNITY LEADERS.

In addition to the benefits of Basic Listings, Premium Listings and preferred Sidebar Placement, Sponsors also receive links in our sponsors page that links to your Supporter's Page, a page of content totaling up to 16,000 characters and 10 large images navigable from the Sponsors page, and have their editorial content featured normally on the site.


Be a LEADER by supporting your community today!


List a Business



List a Business

We all need commercial information to make informed choices. Send us listings of businesses that provide green energy products and services so we may post them for the community.

Upgrade to Premium+ and find new clients! Draw more users to your website! Close more sales! Scroll down to learn more!


Standard Listing




Standard Listings are limited to a 45-character company name plus a 350-character description and contact info and will not support images or active hyperlinks. Please send us the company name, brief description of products or services along with the company website URL and contact information if available. We’ll then post the listing – it is as simple as that.

After some time our editors may assign ownership of the listing to the company listed in order to ensure the best quality and accuracy of the information.


Premium+ Listing




Tell the world more about your company, products and services with up to two images and up to 2,000 characters.

A Premium Listing helps customers more easily find your business on the web and provides more information about yourself or your company.

A Standard Listing includes your company name and a short description, while a Premium listing includes much more information.

Premium Listings also include a link to your website and an easy way for community members to send you an email to the email address you specify.

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Sidebar Supporter


Support GreenPlug Today!

Your support makes this site possible and helps grow your business as well!

Join the group of leading companies demonstrating their support for the green energy community.

All of our supporters receive a banner in our sidebar Supporter section that is 220 px x 100 px and links to their sites. 

Send us your layout, or send us your logo & copy, and we'll design it for you!

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Sponsor GreenPlug Today!



Sponsor your community!

As a sponsor we will will host promotional or other content about your company on the site in our dedicated sponsors section including custom layout and designs. We will also create for you a 220 px x 120 px banner and place it in our sidebar navigating to your hosted content on our site that we will create for you.

Your hosted content shares your information with a world of green energy enthusiasts and links to your site and contact information.

Help yourself and help the sustainability movement at the same time!

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