The World’s Smartest Light Bulb?

Philips has just introduced the “hue,” a new line of super smart bulbs fully controllable wirelessly from an app on Apple mobile devices.






World’s Smartest Bulb?

From the Philips announcement, “Building on its innovation capabilities, today Philips unveils hue, the world’s smartest web-enabled LED home lighting system. Philips hue signals a new era in home lighting both in the way we think about and experience light in our homes. It allows you to create and control the light using your smartphone or tablet. Bringing endless possibilities to help you get creative and help you personalize your lighting to suit yours and your family’s lifestyle, Philips hue is available exclusively from Apple stores from 30th October. A starter pack includes three bulbs¹ that simply screw into your existing lamps, and a bridge that you plug into your home Wi-Fi router. Simply download the hue app to start experiencing light in a completely new way.”

Frankly this statement is an understatement of the capabilities and functions promised by this new system.

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