There are GHG’s (Greenhouse Gases) in YOUR Backyard!

Ever wonder where all those nasty GHG’s (greenhouse gasses) are coming from? Well, you may be surprised. Just look over your shoulder – they may be right in your back yard!





Introducing Flight GHG (Greenhouse Gases) Mapping

I just discovered this evening, a nifty tool making use of the Google Maps/Earth API overlaid with unique emissions datasets related to fixed source emission points. The EPA calls this clever little sleuth, “FLIGHT” – or “Facility Level Information on GreenHouse gases Tool. The tool allows you to view the US at large, select a state, or do a custom keyword search to create a new map showing fixed emission sources.



I especially liked how, as you zoom in on the map, factories (and their owner’s names, addresses and annual emissions in metric tons) literally “rain” down onto the map.

Check it out here: GHG (Greenhouse Gases) Map FLIGHT



Tracy Crawford

CEO | Rain8 Group

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