Traveling Eco Conscious: Popular Initiatives and Hotels

Throughout my career as a contractor, I’ve seen the best and worst building materials and techniques, which often don’t contain the most eco-friendly or organic materials. As an independent contractor, I really started to move into green building and believing that people can change the world just by doing the small things that others notice. It sparks a conversation, which can help society as a whole to become more culturally conservative with energy, waste and chemicals. Businesses have a lot of power as well. The travel industry is really inspiring because there are so many hotels trying to be eco-friendly. There are also a few different initiatives around the world that are also trying to make a difference on the planet.

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Eco-Innovative Europe

The European Union set up a few environmental goals in recent years. The Eco-Innovative Europe is an organization that focuses on teaching and training people to understand green and eco-friendly technology while also supporting the latest materials, products, services and ideas that contribute to a greener world. Throughout Europe, they have helped products and technology receive more recognition. Mostly, the group focuses on five areas including recycling materials and processes; sustainable buildings; food and drink sector; water efficiency, treatment and distribution; and green business. While this is an organization in Europe, it’s really aspiring for American business as well to see the different technologies available.


Hotels across the world are being recognized for changes in the way they operate or in the products that they use, which are more eco-friendly. The Ritz-Carlton in North Carolina is an eco-conscious place to stay because not only does it use organic and recyclable materials, but it also has low flow toilets and showerheads. In addition, there’s something really special about this hotel. The management built a rooftop garden, which is home to 60,000 bees that help the local flora and fauna with pollination as well as provide organic honey for the hotel chef. It’s great to see a hotel do something different that also helps the environment in a very dramatic way.


Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America

Las Vegas is known for gambling, big hotels and big entertainment shows. However, it’s also got some of the most eco-friendly hotels in all of America. In fact, you can find the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America” right in Las Vegas. The Palazzo Hotel and Resort offers organic products, self-sustaining buildings, water recycling programs, waste reuse and solar energy to name a few. This hotel has done so much for the environment just by drastically lowering its carbon footprint. The Palazzo provides a great “green blueprint” for other businesses to following. New green Las Vegas hotels are doing just that.

Many businesses don’t realize how much waste and energy that they consume and dispose of on a daily basis. By making people more aware and joining the green movement, I hope that people can creature a culture of conservation throughout the world. IT would be the best thing that we can do for a brighter planet.

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