Trina Solar’s New Frameless Solar PV Modules

Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL) (“Trina Solar” or the “Company”), a global leader in photovoltaic modules, solutions, and services, today announced the 60-cell PDG5, the first in Trina Solar’s new line of dual rated frameless modules.




High Reliability

The PDG5 is resistant to potential induced degradation (PID) and micro-cracking, and does not require grounding. The PDG5 is optimized for reliable performance under stressful environmental conditions and is among the most durable modules on the market.

The PDG5 features front and back layers of special heat-strengthened glass, and is among the first such crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules. By replacing the traditional backsheet materials of conventional solar modules with heat-strengthened glass, the PDG5 provides a heavy-duty solution for environments of high temperature and humidity, conditions that can accelerate performance degradation. The resulting module has increased resistance to micro-cracking, potential induced degradation (PID), module warping, and degradation from UV rays, sand, alkali, acids and salt mist.


Thinner Glass

By reducing the module’s glass thickness from the industry standard of 3.2mm to 2.5mm, and applying an antireflective coating to the front glass, transmission is enhanced by an estimated 2.5%. MC4PLUS photovoltaic connectors increase system reliability. Additionally, the modules are designed for higher 1000V IEC and 1000V UL applications, which enables longer installation runs to enable improve cabling, hardware and  labor installation costs. Additionally, by eliminating the aluminum frame of conventional modules, grounding requirements are eliminated, which can extend Balance of System (BoS) cost savings for Trina Solar’s customers. The new modules are backed by the Company’s 25-year linear power warranty.

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