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Ridgewood NJ, With the use of the internet spreading all over the world, companies such as Microsoft have become some of the best in the world. Microsoft creates software and hardware that are used in most of the companies and industries. This is why there is a need for Microsoft technicians. The need for IT professionals who can handle Microsoft network processes is increasing day by day. With the increasing job opportunities, there is also an increase in the candidates for a job. For a person to secure a job in any company, it is very important to have a grasp on their skill and have certification to prove it.

Microsoft provides a wide variety of certifications to the candidates who are interested in becoming Microsoft professionals. One such certification is the Microsoft MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development which can be obtained after passing 70-761and 70-762 exams where the candidate with the technical, practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject is rewarded with the certification.

If you are someone who is preparing for Microsoft 70-761 certification exam and want to know more about the exam and its preparation, this article will be helpful for you. Here we will discuss everything you need to know.

Microsoft 70-761 Defined

Microsoft 70-761 exam, full name Querying Data with Transact-SQL, is a test that is taken as the proof of the ability of a candidate to manage and set up the Microsoft SQL Server. This exam checks candidates’ knowledge about the SQL Server and other things associated with it. Also, it checks the candidate’s ability to combine the theoretical knowledge along with the practical knowledge of the topic.

What Are the Important Factors?

How to nail Microsoft 70-761 exam? There are some important thing that every candidate should know before applying for this exam:

The candidates need to be 18 years or older in order to appear for the Microsoft 70-761 exam. Apart from this, there is no educational qualification required to sit for the Microsoft 70-761 exam.
Exam Pattern
The exam has 50-60 questions that the candidate has to solve in two hours. The paper will be online and the candidate has to give it to the Microsoft centers. The questions asked will be an objective and multiple choice.
The candidate can give Microsoft 70-761 certification exam in six languages which include Chinese Simplified, English, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese.
All the candidates have to pay a fee of $165 in order to sit for the exam. No matter how many times you take the exam, the fee will be the same.
MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development certification is valid for lifetime. However, the rules of Microsoft keep changing so you need to keep an eye on the website to see if there are any changes made.
How Should You Start Preparing for 70-761 Exam?

To start preparing for an exam, you need the study material. The study material for this can be obtained in the following forms:

The students can get some books from the official publishers and start reading them to ace in 70-761 exam. These books are designed especially for the Microsoft 70-761 certification exam and have all the course material in them.
Material from The Website
The Microsoft website has a lot of course material available in it that can be bought along with the ticket or separately. You can get 70-761 exam course material for free as well. You will find the link to all this material below the description of the Microsoft 70-761 exam on the website.
Online Courses
The Microsoft MCSA 70-761 Questions and Answers online courses are either given by the partners of Microsoft or some other websites. The online courses will have all the study material and will also provide you with the practice papers to test your preparation.

What to Do for High Score?
If you want to score high in Microsoft 70-761 certification exam, you should keep in mind the following points:
Stay consistent
Always be regular with your studies. Make a timetable and try to stick to it as much as possible. You can only succeed in the exam when you study and revise regularly. If you do not revise, you will keep forgetting what you studied before and eventually you will waste time.
Start early
Start as early as possible with your preparation. The course for Microsoft 70-761 exam is pretty large and you need enough time to cover all the topics. Since the passing percentage is very high, you cannot leave anything to chance or leave a topic. You need to have thorough knowledge about everything that might come in the exam.
Make a plan
Make a plan before you start studying for Microsoft 70-761 exam. If you want to start from the beginning, either opt for self-studies or the instructor-led courses. If you have some knowledge and experience in the field, you can self-study or join an online course or just solve the practice papers and then work on your weak areas.
Solve practice papers
It has been seen that people who solve practice papers regularly score much higher than the ones who don’t. Try and solve the practice papers every week at the starting of the preparation and start solving them regularly once you reach near the exam.
Read the syllabus thoroughly
You need to have complete knowledge of your syllabus. Make sure you print out your syllabus and learn it. This will help you in preparing and you will not miss any topic while studying for the exam.
Try getting practical experience
One of the most important thing that you need to do while preparing is getting some practical experience in this field. With the practical experience, you can easily understand what you are learning in theory and score high in the exam.
If you follow the above instructions and study regularly, you will definitely score a high percentage in the above certification exam. One thing that every candidate should note is that there is no quick fix to Microsoft 70-761 exam and you cannot find any easy way out. You will have to work hard on your studies to score a good percentage. Do not fall for the advertisements that say 100% success. They are usually a scam.

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