Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision


We envision a safe and sustainable energy efficient future.

By way of explanation, we are a Sustainability-Oriented Community.

We believe first in sustainability. We believe safe and sustainable energy is a foundational issue. We believe this vision, inclusive of a focus on sustainable energy, underpins our ability to solve the many other critical global sustainability issues we all face.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create, sustain and extend a trusted and independent online platform providing high quality, accurate information enabling motivated individuals and organizations to make wise choices about energy and sustainability issues.

To fulfill our Mission we have created the GreenPlug.nu Community Platform to allow community members to share information related to our shared vision with others. We welcome all manner of contribution from the community including:

  • Consumption of the information
  • Help in promoting and sharing the site with others
  • Contribution via comment and reply
  • Creating new information by writing for the site
  • Site technical support

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Our Values and Beliefs

Trust and Impartiality

Our highest value is that information should be trusted and impartial.


Energy Safety

All sources of energy have safety risks. We believe in development and use of energy in a manner that minimizes risk to injury or life.


Energy Sustainability

Sustainable energy derives from long-lasting or indefinite sources of energy whose production and use does not destroy or irreparably damage the environment.


Energy Efficiency

All energy sources have costs, both financial and in terms of side effects. Minimizing energy cost starts with efficiency.


Energy Independence

Energy independence has great potential to reduce international political conflict thereby providing societies with more decision options whereby a wide array of destructive conflicts may be avoided.


Information: Data and Opinion

Accurate, unbiased and timely data is the foundation for best individual and organizational decision-making. Data takes many informational forms including news, studies, best-practices, along with product and technology information.

Well-considered opinion serves as a critical tool in the formation of the thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions of others.



Data vs. opinion information should be clearly delineated.


Commercial Information

Commercial information is invaluable and encouraged. Commercial information should be presented in an accurate and unbiased manner.


Community Engagement

We believe that a well-managed open-source environment in which all community members whether experts from industry, academia or commercial endeavors or from other walks of life are encouraged to engage is the most productive and useful environment.



To be useful to the widest range of people, we believe information should be presented in an approachable manner. The use of a direct and easy-to-understand writing or graphic style and the format, design and user experience of any presentation/engagement platform should be well considered.



Contributors shall at all times strive to adhere to the ethics code created and publish by the Society of Professional Journalists.

SPJ Code of Ethics is viewable here: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp, and for download here:http://www.spj.org/pdf/ethicscode.pdf.



All management and participants are expected to strive for the highest levels of transparency and disclosure of personally or organizationally beneficial affiliations and real or perceived conflicts of interest relative to all informational contributions.



Users may not repost full article content created by another author without the author’s permission. Reposting is a complicated and sometimes controversial issue. As a rule of thumb we suggest users not repost without permission more than two paragraphs of another author’s work, that the reposted content be set off with block quotes, that attribution is given to the original author and his or her organization if known, and that the repost be set off with at least one introductory original paragraph and a summary original paragraph.


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