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GreenPlug is a crowd-sourced Community PLATFORM for helping members of society make better-informed decisions about issues that affect the future of us all.


In other words, we are a Sustainability-Oriented Community.


We envision a safe and sustainable energy efficient future. We believe first in sustainability. We believe safe and sustainable energy is a foundational issue. We believe this vision, inclusive of a focus on sustainable energy, underpins our ability to solve the many other critical global sustainability issues we all face.


We also believe information, insights, and far-ranging discussion are required to help us all achieve the best policies and decisions, both personal and societal.


Your insights, your information, your effort and, "yes," your opinion are all critically important to helping us as a global population living on an island-floating-in-space reach the best decisions.


Will YOU do your part?

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We face major issues in today's modern world.

Here are a few facts:

  • About ½ of the world's population live in poverty and therefore consume very few resources while doing little damage to the planet.
  • Of the other 50% living above the poverty line, the vast majority live with standards of living far below that of the US.
  • If all of the world's population lived at US standards, we would be consuming around 5 planets worth of natural resources.



Concentration of Wealth Impacts Sustainability

"History shows that along with greed comes depletion of non-renewable resources and environmental damage that may be nearly irreversible." - Tracy Crawford

The Concentration of Wealth

distributionLet's talk about the US where we have some solid data:

  • The top 1% of Americans own 40% of the nation's wealth.
  • The bottom 80% own just 7%.
  • The top 1% own 50% of the nation's stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • The bottom 50% own just 0.5%.


This is a new situation created by policy!


A Few More Facts:

  • In 1976 the top 1% of earners earned 9% of the nation's income.
  • Today the top 1% earn 24%, nearly triple the percent they earned ~35 years ago.
  • Today CEO's make about 380 times as much as their average worker.



Productivity Soars. Rich incomes soar. Average wages do not soar.




The Rich are Richer Than We Think.




And They are Getting It from Us.




In Part by Paying Less Tax.




And in case you wondered, this is not a partisan issue.


References: http://greenplug.nu/dv/?p=2043


Many of these trends are clearly not in your best interest. Nor are they in the
interests of solving our global challenges!


Will you sigh and shake your head?

Or DO something about it?

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Why should you join THE CONVERSATION today?


Because what YOU do matters!


Traditional media outlets are not fulfilling a basic responsibility that we consider critically important: Contributing to The Conversation. This is what YOU can do on GreenPlug.


Why is media failing us?

One word; two different meanings; Money!


Meaning 1: Money Buys Ideological Content

On one hand, large portions of the highly concentrated wealth of the world have been spent to buy and/or control certain media outlets across the globe and to use those outlets in an ideological fashion to achieve the ends of protecting the interests of the concentrated wealth-holders of the world.


Meaning 2: Money-making Content

Media outlets that are not controlled in an ideological fashion are most often controlled by near-term profit motive. This inevitably means shallow and sensational content – or whatever wins the ratings wars – not, informed and carefully considered discussions that form sustainability solutions.


Commentary Dominates

fact-opinionPolarized commentary is often sensational! It attracts ratings from viewers looking for an emotional quick-hit.


It's also much cheaper to produce than factual reporting. So it has better ROI, increasing viewership (and thus advertising revenues) while costing less - a no-brainer for a profit driven TV channel.






The Choice of Which Conversation, Matters.

Mainstream media are often are biased in their choice of which conversations to have. In late 2012, four Americans were tragically killed in an attack on an embassy facility in Benghazi, Libya. In the following months, mainstream media devoted hundreds of hours to coverage of US government performance and policy issues related to the incident.



It is estimated that 4,486 Americans lost their lives in the Iraq war. A further estimated 35,000 combatants of all nationalities lost their lives. Adding in civilian deaths, brings the estimated total loss of life to well over 110,000 people (by conservative estimates).


Just in terms of Americans killed, the Iraq War was over 1,000 times more tragic than the attack on the American compound in Benghazi. In terms of the loss of life of all nationalities, civilian and combatant, the Iraq War was over 27,000 times more tragic than the attack on Benghazi.


Did we see 27,000 times more coverage of US government performance and policy related to the Iraq War than we saw related to the attack on Benghazi? Did we see even 1,000 times as much?


When it comes to sustainability, mainstream media is nothing short of complete failure.


Into this void steps GreenPlug, your Sustainability Community PLATFORM!


The starting point of controlling our future is THE CONVERSATION.


"In a democratic society, he who controls the conversation, controls the future." - Tracy Crawford, CEO GreenPlug


Shouldn't you be helping control


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What YOU do makes a difference.

Your knowledge, expertise, opinions and insights all help others make the best decisions.

Please start helping today!


With GreenPlug you can:



Do you have special expertise or insights? Do you spend time educating yourself about green energy and sustainability issues of the day and have a desire to share what you have learned with others? Do you have opinions you feel may be valuable to others?

Then please take the next step and spend a few minutes sharing with others!

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Just remember, keep it helpful, supportive and constructive!

Read and Absorb

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How GreenPlug Works

If you would like to join THE CONVERSATION by just commenting and replying, please go ahead and do so.

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The Conversation

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