World Renowned Lambeau Field Selects Induction Lighting As Part of A Major Renovation

As part of a stadium renovation that included 6,600 additional seats, and new state of the art video boards, Lambeau Field also undertook a major lighting overhaul.






Safety, Visibility, Emergency Regulations

Designed to improve safety, visibility, and meet emergency regulations; seventy-one 200 watt EverLast® Induction High Bays were used to supplement existing lighting inside the newly renovated facility. “EverLast® provided for a color temperature that we needed as it was a custom blend at 3000 Kelvin. Additionally, there were strict emergency lighting specifications that we had to meet. The fixture had to be able to turn on within 10 seconds in the event of an outage per the building code. EverLast® fixtures are doing double duty as they possess the color rendition that is required in addition to the instant on feature.” said Greg Sadowski, President of POWRTEK ENGINEERING.

To further their efforts, several hundred of the EverLast® fixtures will be installed throughout the stadium in the winter of this year. “HID cannot provide the specifications that were required. Furthermore, with EverLast® having a 100,000 hour lifetime on their fixtures it was an easy decision. We would’ve been lucky to get 20,000 hours out of any other fixtures. Once we took the warranty, and the lower maintenance costs into consideration we knew that we wanted to go with EverLast®,” Sadowski commented.

POWRTEK began research for a lighting solution earlier this summer for Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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with the goal of meeting building codes, in addition to lowered maintenance costs. Alternative Sales and Marketing of Forest Lake, Minnesota connected with POWRTEK to find an efficient option that matched their lighting specifications.

“The success of the EverLast® Induction fixtures in the upper midwest region has been phenomenal for reasons such as engineering support, ability to provide lighting layouts, custom modifications when needed, product stock, and a U.S. manufactured product,” stated Jim Fink, Representative of Alternative Sales and Marketing. “The key successes in this market are the operation of the induction lighting in exceptionally cold weather.”



60% Less Energy, 100,000 Hour Life

The EverLast® 200 watt Huron Aluminum High Bay solution was engineered to match the existing lighting temperature in order to protect the visual integrity of the historic stadium. EverLast® induction lighting fixtures are also available with a dimmable option, providing even more energy savings while areas are vacant. Furthermore, induction lighting uses 60 percent less energy and has an unmatched 100,000 hour lamp life.

”The high bay fixture has been sought out especially in large facilities where labor and lowered maintenance costs have been deciding factors as a result of the long life span of the fixture and the 10 year warranty,” Fink commented.


About EverLast® Lighting

EverLast® Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications.

For additional product information, visit, call 888-383-7578, or email For press inquiries, contact Kyle Leighton at 517-783-3800 ext.231 or email at If you would like to support EverLast®, please follow EverLast® on Twitter or visit them on Facebook.


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Source: Full Spectrum Solutions


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