WorldGuide: The “CoolTool” for Premium, Eco and Wellness Travel

In our work we spend a bit of time with people who work in the 5-Star luxury eco and wellness travel world. One thing we have learned is that the travel professionals who take such exquisite care of clients in this business have a really tough job!




Tough Clients

The clients of premium and luxury eco and wellness travel professionals tend to be super-successful business people who have gotten to their successful positions in life by having very high standards and demanding the best in performance.

These clients are just as demanding of their travel professionals as they are of people in their businesses. Generally, “perfection,” is the only acceptable answer.

So we wondered how in the world a travel professional planning an eco-travel or wellness-travel trip digging through all the nonsense that comes in a typical Google search could possibly be successful.




Well I recently came across a little gem of a resource that a few independent premium and luxury travel agents are using. It’s called WorldGuide.


What Is WorldGuide?

WorldGuide was founded by a friend and business associate of mine, Dr. Andreas Lindner, a few years ago in Munich, Germany.

WorldGuide is a website; a paid, premium website. Now, most people are accustomed to websites being free, but WorldGuide is a completely different animal than most websites.



Most informational websites fund their existence through advertising on the site and all sorts of other arrangements with advertisers. This necessarily and by definition creates conflicts of interest between what is good for the site’s users and what is good for its advertisers and sponsors. External dependency of this sort, in the end, often affects the content on the site, and, as a result, affects the authenticity of the experience a user will have on the site.


WorldGuide’s BIG Difference

This is where WorldGuide is quite a bit different than most sites we have looked at. WorldGuide is (are you sitting down?), INDEPENDENT!

Yeap. WorldGuide has no advertising, no paid affiliations, and no back-door, under-table anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Period.

You see, WorldGuide funds their existence through member fees – around $13 per month retail. Now, before you start on your “The internets should be free!” rant, let me tell you that in reality, WorldGuide is more than free. This is because WorldGuide creates great ROI. Wether you are a traveler or a travel professional (and especially if you are a travel professional) WorldGuide will pay for itself many times over the first time you use it to plan a trip for yourself or for a client.


How WorldGuide Creates ROI

A typical search on Google returns millions of pages. Millions. You, as a travel professional or a traveler, have to sort the wheat from the chafe…and hope you are right. This is what we call the “needle in the Google” problem.

As you all too well know, only a few of the millions of Google results have any value to you. So you have to guess, or use some sort of sixth sense. And if you are wrong, you risk wasting a lot of your time and a dissatisfied client who has wasted a lot of his time and money.

WorldGuide solves this problem. They have about 50,000 pieces of “curated” content created by their staff of paid writers (about 80 stationed around the world) and professionally edited by their editorial team (about 15 pros in Munich, Germany).


No Journalists Allowed!

WorldGuide writers are not run-of-the-mill journalists. You see, journalists are (I know because I sometimes am one) people who don’t really know anything. Instead they research a subject, then write about it. We’ve all read articles about which we have some previous personal exposure or expertise. When we read such articles we often see immediately that the writer doesn’t really have a deep understanding of his subject matter. To avoid this problem, WorldGuide doesn’t use journalists.


Connoisseur Writers

That’s right. WorldGuide writers are in fact specialists and enthusiasts in the fields they write about. So, if you read an article about fine time-pieces, you can bet the author knows what he’s talking about. That’s how they roll over at WorldGuide!


My Own Guide

Personally, my favorite part of WorldGuide is My Own Guide.

WorldGuide Premium Eco Luxury Travel My Own Guide

Say you’re planning a trip for a client to attend an auction of pre-Raphaelites. In addition to finding articles related to the subject matter, you will find locations of upcoming auctions of pre-Raphaelites complete with detailed descriptions. In the city of the auction you will find premium couture hotels. You will additionally find, restaurants, bars, nightlife and all sorts of other attractions in the area.

As you find material interesting to your client, a simple click on “Add to my own guide” tags it and places it in a guidebook you are custom-creating for the client. When you are finished, another click creates a professionally formatted guide, downloadable as a pdf. Voila! Finished.


And you can create as many “My Own Guides” as you wish!

Furthermore, a lot of clients will greatly enjoy to do a bit of the planning themselves – after all, WorldGuide is a lot of fun as well.

When they finish, they will send you their guide so you can easily take care of the booking details.


Branded to Your Company

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of all, for the serious travel professional running your own firm, WorldGuide will, for a small fee, brand the site to your company. That way your clients who visit the site will be experiencing an extension of your own brand, while you have a competition-free environment (i.e. no other travel agencies or concierge services listed on the site).

Now, how nice is that?


Learn More About WorldGuide

Learn more by viewing WorldGuide’s Sponsor page on GreenPlug here: WorldGuide Luxury Eco and Wellness Travel Guide on GreenPlug or use the button below.


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I am assisting Dr. Lindner with the marketing of WorldGuide, so if you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact me at:


Tracy Crawford

CEO | Rain8 Group