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Do you think big corporate money and politics is a great combination? If not you may be interested in the Overturn Citizens United campaign led by Senator Al Franken. To help overturn Citizens United you can use the following link:




Big Corporate Money and the Failure of Mainstream Media

I am not going to write a long post to “prove” my point.

You already know it as well as I do.

Big corporate money has been allowed into our political system – from direct contributions to lobbyists. The first step is to overturn Citizens United.

Big money has also bought out media that is now used as platforms to promote laws feeding greed under the smoke screen of conservative, Christian and patriotic values. Their agendas are far from conservative, are about as far from Christianity as taught by Christ as is possible to be, and have nothing at all to do with patriotism.

Media that has not been bought out, more often than not, are extraordinarily imbalanced toward profit at the expense of truly important work. Instead, they spend their time and precious ability to inform and influence chasing sensational and nonsensical stories for ratings.


An Eviscerated Democracy

An eviscerated democracy cannot fulfill its responsibility. Sustainability is a complex challenge. Sustainability equates to survivability. Sustainability is foundational to all other issues of fairness, justice, moral good, and striking the important balances we need to achieve in order to ensure a good world for future generations.

After all, it is hard to muster energy, time and attention for big issues when you are wondering where your next scrap of bread will come from.

We MUST overturn Citizens United.


The First Step

Our system is broken. (It is, as a matter of fact, old and has not been well-maintained.)

Our system needs to be fixed.

The first step is a baby-step, but a critically important one. We have to get big money out of politics.

What we must insist upon is, to excerpt Abraham Lincoln, is:


“…government of the people, by the people, for the people…”


Reclaim OUR Democracy: Sign the Petition to Overturn Citizens United

To visit the petition page, click here: Petition to Overturn Citizens United


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Map of Overturn Citizens United Activities in the US

The movement IS gaining traction! Get involved now! You can view the map of current activities in the US here: Map of Overturn Citizens United Activities in the US


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